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wtb self motivation for uni work
want to know why i dislike it so much
why have all the things i liked in high school become such a chore for me now
why is wow so important
want to go back before internet made things so easy and so hard
easy because id never have to have my life wasted in front of this screen
hard because then id never meet some of the amazing and not so amazing people i know from not around here and my education would be scarily lacking
i dislike working with friends in a team situation
i am your friend, we have great friend dynamics
we do not however have good team dynamics
please stop being so limpety
i say this every semester
why do i always group with them?
how much thinking is overthinking?
i dont like that i could convince myself to have a crush on someone who i just want to be friends with
distance sucks when you want to see/meet someone
distance is great when you want to make sure you never meet/see someone
how come being a girl makes you want my email  more? why dont u want to be my friend because im an awesome person?
i forget people have other friends
i never know where i stand
i dont like it when they are that one person i like to talk to most and i dont know if im not on top of their list too....
why dont people talk as much about friendships as they do about dating relationships
friends arent easy, be nice if there was something that took the first move out of them after a time apart
imagine this written on tea stained parchment witha  mug holding it down against the breeze
my mind is in a mellow place, sepia toned
someone hand me a box and inside it contains my direction and my passion please~


Aug. 6th, 2009 12:43 am (UTC)
you know how everyone is told they are special and have a gift to use for the lords work (well thats what i was told) - i could never think of what mine was when we had those discussions
i have a couple of tiny packages lying around the room, sort of half heartedly opened, stacked in a not-so-neat-anymore pile, but no box that keeps getting opened
its true, ill have to build the box myself, i just wish i wasnt hard wired to avoid hard work :(
next time im round s block ill come n say hi
<3 friend <3


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