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Sep. 19th, 2008

 le sigh
another phone call from father
it seems every time i return home or see or talk to my parents a bunch of topics is always discussed

more study
less wow/games
lose weight/more exercise
get a job
what ARE you going to do when you finish uni...

and the send love to my cat andthe reply, yes shes been hissing at us, and ooh i love the dog, hes been all cute as usual ( im not a dog fan, mostly on principle that he now gets all the love and SOMEONE has to be pro cat in the family)
i love my parents. i relly do, i dont really mind talking about these things time and time again, even if i do end up feeling a little guilty about being a bad daughter and not fixing any of the above
but thats just me and both my parents and i know that they rant because its what parents DO, so even though they genuinely are concerned for me, they realise they are also parents being parents.

but yes, tonight father asked me what i was doing for the midsem break. i said i was coming home to play fable 2 all week (then realised it was coming out for swot vac, not midsem) he wasnt happy, and even more so when i said it was actually swotvac
so im now staying in brisbane that week, writing an essay not on fable 2 like i thought i could, but something else cause i cant keep track of what month im in.
he also brought up the job question.
i dont want anotehr job till unis over cause im actually doing some work. but if i leave it there wont be any jobs there for the holidays and parents will not be impressed.
so. im off to write a resume and go job hunting tomorrow.
i want to work in a bookshop (ive mentioned it before) so im going to head round to all the ones i can find first. even the swanky ones. because practice at talking to people is practice. and practice makes perfect, or just less nerves. maybe. i am not yet convinced.
failing a bookstore, well im not sure. i think ill go round to places on the street that look vaguely promising and leave the malls till last. 
a friend suggested newsagencies, but i want to work in a shop rather than a counter. failing all of the above, i could go back to mrs fields. i do not want this to become an option. not becuase i hate the place, but on principle, i LEFT, what good does going BACK do me? (apart from the munnys... )

i hate writing my resume
i never know what the employer is looking for
though now i have seen a billion different ones i sort of know what not to do, if only id payed attention

have you ever tried to write a book?


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Sep. 20th, 2008 01:01 am (UTC)
They call it stuvac in Sydney.

I remember my Mum and brother having a huge argument about whether it was short for study vacation or student vacation. You can guess who was on which side.
Sep. 22nd, 2008 12:14 pm (UTC)
I never knew it had a name till my mum started calling it that. I was more of the mindset 'yay week of holiday before exams!'
I am a very serious studier as you can see :)
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