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 I have just had one of the best meals of my entire life. If I died right now, I would be content.
Full three course meal + appetisers and hot choc with petit fours at the e'cco restuarant for a family friends 50th birthday party
I wasn't origianlly invited but someone dropped out so my paretns got a call at teh last minute.
Entree: Pancetta wrapped scallops in a peanuty? sauce with some kinda of mash potato that didnt quite taste like mash
Main: Beautiful salmon on apple with walnuts and salad and creme fraiche
Dessert: Chocolate fondant with vanilla and peanut icecream and salted peanuts in a caramel sauce. (salted peanuts + caramel + chocoalte is SOO goood)
Appetsiers: king trout rolled in seasame seeds, and caramelised onions in filo pastry with pumpkin sauce/puree and cream cheese on top.
Had little chocolate jam drops with the hot chocoalte after the meal.

So yes, I could relive today. Many times.

Apart from teh food, the afternoon was very pleasant. Sat at the 'young adults' table, as opposed to the childrens table, which was nice. I feel like I'm growing up :)
Had a good talk with a friends girlfriend about travel and how we wish we could just go and live/work/country hop with no thought to expenses *sigh*
Also heard some funny/shocking/awesome travel tales from friends cousin. She was in Africa and *long story short* lst sleeping under a curtain (there were no blankets), had her backpack stolen. So all money, cards, PASSPORT!!, phone, wallet. tickets were stolen. She handled it remarkably well, I don't know what I would have done...
Friend is going to India later this year for his medicine prac. He was saying how impossible it was to get a ticket on a direct train trip so he's organised a journey that goes around half the country and takes half as long again to get to there destination and requires 3 train changes. He said he's left 3 hours in between trains. I have a bad feeling he is still going to miss a train somewhere. Even though apparently 14 million people take a train everyday in India, I still don't think I'd put that much faith in their transport system. Or myself and my ability to get to the correct trains.... lol.
So, always sleep with your bag with your important documents UNDER your curtain, and be ready for the culture shock when you go to India.

I gave my father his Father's Day present today and he was so happy to get it. Both Mum and Dad loved it. I had some pictures taken of me (Cara and I spent a couple hours in the Botanical Gardens mucking round with my new camera :) ) and had the good photos printed and put in an album. I also had the nicest one put in a frame so Dad can put it on his desk :)
The last photos printed of me (digital cameras can have their uses :D ) were my formal and graduation photos, which I dont like. Of the 40 or so photos I had taken for my formal, theres only one in which I think I look natural. Before that, on my 16th birthday we had a family photo shoot and well... yeh.....
So I thought I'd take some photos and have them as a physical thing that parents/people can look at and I not feel embarrassed of. I always think I look large and that my smile is forced and I'm just not that photogenic. So at least for the next few years theres something that looks like me in the house. Maybe when I'm 29 I can take another batch and see how much I've changed.

Books: I've just finished the next Artemis Fowl books, The Time Paradox, and loved it. Every book of Eoin (pronounced "Owen") Colfer is genius. I'm relearning Gnommish again to translate the passages on the bottom of each page. For those who haven't read his work, I highly recommend them. Airman is one of my favourites, even thought it's independant of teh Fowl universe.
And yes, I say relearn Gnommish. Not many people know it, but I have been  fluent in writing 4 languages. English, French (I say fluent...but yeh...) Gnommish and Centaurian. 

I've forgotten them now but I love translating the passages because they actually say something! It's not meaningless letters! 

I also wanted to create a website about the Artemis Fowl universe in the form of what's now termed a wiki - I was ahead of my time, at least in my head.

I saw just finished, but it was actually a couple of days ago. The day I bought it to be exact. A solid 8 hours of reading. Good times. 
I've since started on the "The Mortal Instruments' trilogy. It young adult fiction set in New York with demons. Thats pretty much it. :D
The reason I bought and am reading these books is because of the author Cassandra Clare. If you were ever into Harry Potter fanfiction, chances are this name seems familiar. She wrote these HUGE epic fics collectively called the "Draco Trilogy". They were her versions of books 5 - 7, where Draco, all high and mighty, befriends the Trio, sees the light and fights on the 'good' side. When I say huge here, I mean, 
500 - 1200 pages. So, obviously it took CC a couple of years to write all this and so I ended up stalking her blog and found out that she had an original work being published. I've been meaning to read it since it came out March last year, but hadn't got around to it. Ok, bit more back story. I read teh Draco Trilogy while at high school, and never actually finished it (I still need to read the final chapter). But I do remember that she's a quote horder. And as msn was a big thing at the time, so was I. So I have this word doc full of potential witty msn names, half of which are taken from her work. 
So, thats fine.
Here is where I am unhappy.
A few times she has recycled passages from her Draco Trilogy. I'm sure she's picked out bits from her LotR fics (which I haven't read) as well. It's not much, but it is there. I recognised one of favourite quotes popping up and then an entire passage about a falcon.
Then, after I read the falcon passage, I thought about the characters and story and realised it was very similar to Harry Potter.
The main character is a girl (resembles Harry) and as she discovers this new world she befriends a trio, led by a boy (who is VERY much like CC's Draco in her Draco Trilogy, and this boy becomes the main girls love interest), the other two, the boy doesn't like the protagonist and the girl is just pretty (not smart though).  I'm not explaining this very well. But I do seem to be able to recognise some bad writing now. Not bad in general, but bad structures, plot weaknesses etc. nothing major, but better than nothing.
This isn't going any where and if you've kept reading, I congratulate you.

I seem to have run out of steam.
*the audience collectively sighs with relief*
au revoir

Sep. 11th, 2008

I am jobless and munnyless. Well I do have money, but I keep spending it and am now down to my last $20.....
and I have no job to keep topping it up. I have self discipline issues. Which is fine when it comes to eating and health and sleeping and attending uni, but really sucks when it comes to money. Not having any munny doesn't really bother me becuase I have no need to pay for things (<3 parents <3 ) but obviously it is nice to be able to spend now and again. I have a budget. I have a new one every time I spend huge wads of cash and feel guilty. And when I'm in the rare ( I think its monthly, which is something I should really study about myself, but thats another train of thought) clear, responsible, planning moods, I make budgets, I make PLANS. This, I like to call it 'clear casting' (wow reference... frame of mind only lasts a couple days, then I'm back to muddle headed, superficial thoughts me. Which I am ok with, because that's where I am now and if I hated it I might've done something bout it... (prolly not but again, a thought for another time)
This post is going nowhere. I want to talk bout m *censorbd* I am very conscious that people I know read this. It takes away the anominity of the internetrz. And yet making a blog and not telling anyone about it would be fruitless as I'd never update cause no one would read it and I'd be better writing in a paper diary. Which I have discovered from my 13/14 year old self. Actually, I remember writing the entries and thinking, 'what am i going to think when I'm older and reading this' (my teen diaries are about a total of half a dozen entries over the entire 6 yrs, including the last 2 or 3 when i didn't write any) 
yah... teen angsty me is funny
and i mean, TEEN ANGST, 
but i wasnt emo. i was before the emo genration. i dressed in black and spikes cause i liked it not cause i was a poser. unfortuanetly cause of all the littel emo fucks now runnig around, i can no longer dress like that for fear of being labeled one of them :(
i realise you may go at that statement 'but you shouldnt care what other people think!' this is true, but i have also moved on with my fashion style. 
ah life.... how i wish your many mysteries were clear to me....
if my paragraphs seem disjointed, its because this entry was written over the course of an hour
i hate teamwork
why is human interaction vital to human survival :( sometimes that fact really pisses me off.
and time. but going there requires more brain energy than i am willing to spend tonight.
so off to do uni work...
waking up in a few hours...
the cupcakes were fantastic.

Sep. 7th, 2008

 so much for being decisive....
no cupcakes for celia this weekend :(
i may go shopping but considering I ran Kara (wow) yesterday and how much i got to do.... i doubt it
hehehe i am so bad, i should officially change my middle name to procrastination....
 i have decided:
sunday will be market day
i am going shopping for stuff i have been putting off and now have run out of
i shall bake cupcakes
and sometime do my fuck load of assessment all due on monday

~ziggle pop~

Sep. 3rd, 2008

 i also want to go on a picnic

this is almost becoming a twitter... 
i have timtams

Sep. 3rd, 2008

i am considering ditching uni and swinging by west end just for cupcake goodness tomorrow
anyone care to join me
i also have a camera
i dont know what this has to do with anything

 i have been craving cupcakes for the last 2 weeks
not eating (i mean, i do that everyday) but baking them
but, alas, i am sick
now if i thought i could down 24 cupcakes PLUS copious amounts of buttercream before they cupcakes went stale, id have baked them days ago 
but, as it were, i am sick :( and i dont know think many would appreciate me coughing/other sick whatever-ing into their cupcakes
because cupcakes should bring joy, not terminal illness
(im not terminally ill, i just think it adds to teh dramatic effect)
so, i want to get better
if, on the weekend i am still coughing, i may call it and bake them anyway and not tell anyone.
and they shall enjoy the sugary goodness

so my cupcake plans are:
1  dozen vanill cupcakes 
1 dozen chocolate cupcakes
1 batch vanilla frosting
1 batch chocolate icing
and mix and match the above

the will be deliciousful

and i get to lick the bowl :)

home cooking is the win

Sep. 1st, 2008

my tissues have finally run out.....
and i dont want to leave my room for more

im sick

and running out of tissues


Aug. 20th, 2008

i am officially unemployed
im also going to see panic at teh disco tomorrow night
ive eaten too many cookies tonight
what i dont like: when my knitting twists even after ive checked it a billion times
i want to work in a bookstore


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