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Jun. 8th, 2011

I was writing this as a comment but it was getting too big!
Firstly, thanks for your concern. I didn't mean the post to sound so depressing.
I'm getting a bit over Chch due to the lack of jobs available/no money and the fact the city will never be the same - it probably will take years to rebuild. Not having a central place for good food and shopping (specialty and unique etc) is more difficult than you'd think. Not having a car doesn't help, we can't explore the suburbs. Thankfully there is a Westfield literally up the road from our place - but it doesn't compare to city shopping you know? It's all put a damper on Ben and my spirits - he isn't studying anymore - the uni was in a giant mess, subjects cancelled/postponed/wholly online and his drive just went.
We are getting there though :)
It's not all bad! I've seen some pretty cool things around the South Island and it's the weirdest things I miss/they don't have. Examples: honey - the don't allow imports due to their special Manuka flavour and most of the cheaper stuff is from florals. This is fine but being used to the Honey bee mix (which includes eucalyptus) it doesn't taste nice here at all! They also have about a 80-20 of creamed-liquid which I'm not used to. Subways don't have ketchup. I asked for tomato sauce and the closest option was Marinara sauce. My theory is kiwis are used to 'Watties' (owned by Heinz) tom sauce and would expect it if they asked for it on their sandwich but I think subway can't afford/is too cheap to buy watties so I have to go without (every kiwi thinks I'm weird for disliking watties sauce - thankfully they stock ketchup, even if only a few bottles)
Internet! I was on a combined phone/net plan of 150gbs for maybe $90/m in Aus. Over here, for about a month, the largest plan available for 10gb for $100/m - I'm not kidding. When we were setting up they had JUST bought out a plan for 40gb/m phone/net for $105/m with the option to buy extra 20gbs for $20/m (up to 80gb, can change size each month with no fee) Imagine a share house of 5 (like my old place) on 40gb!! The top companies have monopoly so the cost is ridiculous.
There is Movenpic icecream in the supermarket freezers! - about $11 for a tub - cheaper than in their Aus store I think?
Cadbury choc is super cheap, $3.15 a block not on sale :)
Fish n chips - maybe $2 per piece of fish and ridiculous amounts of chips for cheap. But thats not all. Having 'fish and chips' means having extras (and all the shops sell this) such as hotdogs (dagwood dogs to us, american hotdog is the one in the bun) hot donuts, spring rolls, pineapple rings, various other deep fried goodness.
Ice cream on a cone from dairy's (corner stores) I have only ever ordered a single scoop and paid no more than $2 but receive a mountain (2 well loaded scoops) of icecream EVERY time, no matter where we go. Why can't Aus bring back this cheap food thing ey?
The give way rules when driving are crazy and I get so confused (I'm only the passenger >> )
Bens input to what is better here : good looking people - grain of salt recommended for that one :P
The weather is definitely getting colder but so far so good, I have enough layers!
I didn't feel so great when I started this post, but getting it out there - I now feel so much better :) Life is tough but I have to hit the bottom at some point and it can only go up from there :) I'm learning new things about myself which needed doing.

I saw the Icecream Social photos and must say, I am sufficiently jealous! One of the tasty noms everyone brought and two the amazing hats! I miss everyone in Aus heaps and I'm thinking of you often.

I'm in the process of getting sick. Ben came back from a rather large weekend with a dead throat/no sleep and so sickness ensued. I've been looking after him and this morning had a sore throat, yipee! We fell asleep on the couches watching Dragon Ball Z today lol
This last paragraph proves I have gone off topic, so I shall stop typing!
/hugs miss you all


Jun. 10th, 2011 08:47 am (UTC)
Yay! I'm glad you're doing ok. I hope the job situation picks up.

We miss you :)


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