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Oct. 5th, 2008

 I've refreshed my Gnommish. It came back fairly quickly, now I'll be writing in it for days.
For those interested, or not, here is the complete translated text from Artemis Fowl: A Time Paradox: (liberty has been taken on punctuation, the People don't have as complex a grammar system as ours)

From the collected correspondence of Opal Koboi.
A series of letters between Opal Koboi inmate number 1 100 0 101 Atlantis maximum security penitentiary and Wing Commander Vinyaya, Haven Council.
Koboi: My dear Wing Commander, while I realise that my first probation hearing is not due for four hundred years I feel that it would be in the Peoples best interests to release me before then. After all the humans are becoming more sophisticated daily and a genius such as myself will be needed to ensure that fairy technologys remain superior to human technology.
Vinyaya: Dream on Koboi. You're in prison. Accept it.
Koboi: I am sensing negative vibrations you Wing Commander. Do not be so quick to judge. People can change surely you accept that. I admit that once I found the idea of being the planets supreme power an  attractive one but who hasn't secretly nurtured the dream of wiping out humanity and utterly dominating ones own peers. I see now that this dream might be unacceptable to some narrowminded fairies and i am prepared to swear on my pixie honour that should I be released I would not attempt to take over the world again.
Vinyaya: On your pixie honour. Wow. I'll send the transfer shuttle right over.
Koboi: I see now Wing Commander that you never had any intention of sending the transfer shuttle right over. In fact you were being sarcastic. Mocking me from the safety of Police Plaza in Haven. I waited for weeks before I realized that the shuttle was not coming for me. I packed my belongings so that I would be ready. Including my collection of model sea horses which I fashioned from chewed cardboard. My favourite sea horse's Twinky and Goodboy were broken in the process. Twinky cries every night over her severed tail and Goodboy does not look so dashing without his head. Your callousness leaves me no alternative but to place you on my revenge list. When I am finally free of this horrible place and elevated to my rightful position as queen of the world you will take my place in this cell and I will send my troll minions to issue daily beatings with batons fashioned from sea horse tails. A fitting punishment I am sure you agree.
Vinyaya: See you in four hundred years.

Ok I hate my handwriting. not the letters but the slanting, so the end of one line is in line with the beginning of the previous one, so reading it is hard...
But I wasn't actually looking as I wrote, so kudos to me for making it legible.
I am just seeing Vinyaya grin as he writes that last line, thinking 'Yes, see you in 4 hundred years when I'm the one who has to review your case and decide whether or not to release you' This would be an evil grin.


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